How it works

Measure player performance

Measure players statistics using the data from GPS sports tracker and Heart Rate monitor.


Optimise your progress

Analyze all the most important data to draw simple conclusions.


Support your team

Support your team by making decisions based on reliable data.


Avoid injuries

Keep track of physical load parameters and reduce the risk of injury.


Technology designed to help you win

  • +30 key performance stats

    Measurement of performance and fatigue based on 26 key statistics.

  • GPS & Heart Rate data

    Precise data from GPS/Glonass and Heart Rate Monitor connectivity.

  • Useful cloud solutions

    A convenient way of storing and transmitting data based on the cloud.

  • Wireless technology

    Wireless technology adapted to every infrastructure.

Use GPS tracking system adapted to your individual needs

  • Precise GPS tracker

    Use our GPS trackers for precise performance measurement.

  • Simple and useful analytical system

    Simple analytical system that facilitates the interpretation of complex data.

  • Web & Mobile App

    Monitor your progress in our Web or Mobile App.

  • Special Pro T-shirts

    In addition to our system we offer T-shirts tailored to each sex and age category.

Measure your progress, reduce the risk of injury and train like a pro!

  • Reduce the risk of injury

    Monitor the performance of athletes and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Implement strategy for injury prevention

    Predict soft tissue injuries that account for 90% of all injuries.

  • Establish a team based on hard data

    Compare player performance and manage team fatigue.

  • Optimise workload and fatigue

    Manage workload in post-injury return to play.


What do we measure

Basic stats
  • Total distance
  • Average speed
  • Heart rate thresholds
Workload stats
  • Player Load
  • High Intensity Distance
  • Metabolic Power
Fitness stats
  • Accelerations and Deccelerations
  • Training Impuse (TRIMP)
  • automatic injury risk calculation


Monitoring players is now essential. This is getting lower and lower, which is why we are glad that our talented youth are now using this system. It is a very useful tool in training work.
Jan Żurek, coach and youth coordinator at Górnik Zabrze Academy
Almost immediately after training, I download all the data, the guys have it on their mobile phones half an hour after the match. A nice thing for a generation whose telephone environment is the natural environment. The players themselves want these numbers. There are no people who run away from it. It works on the principle of positive motivation.
Jacek Piegza, Conditioning Coach at the KGHM Zagłębie Lubin
Every week, at the changing rooms, we post letters with match parameters, broken down into the first half and the second, according to the time of the game. Maximum speeds, distance, player loads, accelerations, sprints. The guys can compare each other, they know the range in which they should fit. Sometimes they stand alone and wait for this list to appear.
Thomas Rozworski, coach of Reiss Academy
The company wants to grow very much, and we needed someone who would be able to personalize services to our expectations. Sonda Sports wants to match the best, it quickly introduces changes to the program based on what we send them.
Marcin Wróbel, sport director of the Lech Poznan Academy