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Sports GPS Trackers & Performance Analysis

Sonda Sports GPS tracker, sports vest and web application for performance monitoring

Wearable technology

Professional GPS Tracker & Vest to track players' performance. Over 30 key stats including Max Speed, Total Distance, Speed Thresholds, Sprints, Player Load, Metabolic Power and many more.

15 gps trackers in the charging suitcase

Sports GPS Tracking

Truly wireless & cloud based GPS Tracking system for sports teams. Comprehensive monitoring of athletes: Fitness, Performance and Risk of Injury. Key data from GPS trackers and HR Monitors and over 100 metrics for analysis.

Sports tracking system for team sports

Performance Analytics

Professional web analytical platform that allows you to draw simple conclusions based on very complex data. Intuitive user interface designed to facilitate the work of coaches. Solutions adapted to both professionals and youth teams.

GPS tracker for athletes
Thinking about the future
  • Within the last few years average high intensity distance covered in football match increased by 30%.
  • Over the next few yers, GPS Tracking will become a standard on every game level.

Your competitors already use sport analytics systems. How about you?

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