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By monitoring the performance of players, we make sport safer and more professional

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The Sonda Sports representatives introducing gps monitoring system to young players

Out of concern for the health and safety of athletes

Sonda Sports was founded in 2014 by enthusiasts of sports and new technologies, whose aim was to measure the physical fitness of athletes.

From the very beginning, we devoted special attention to outdoor sports teams that needed special tools and solutions to analyze and evaluate the work done and load in natural training and match conditions.

Our challenge was to develop technology that would make training safer and more professional at every game level.

Driven by Passion

Our mission is to support a safe and sustainable training process by providing professional monitoring tools and sports performance analytics.

By using the latest technologies and algorithms developed on the basis of scientific research, we have created an innovative GPS tracking system to monitor player’s performance, training load and injury risk.

Our solutions help to choose the right workloads, stimulate the proper development of motor skills and optimize the training process of adult and young players.

Team members of Sonda Sports
Sonda Sports web application assistance

Empowered by Technology

Behind every achievement, victory and goal - stand the people. Those who raise the trophies in the limelight are backed by training staff and a range of specialists. We team up with them daily to achieve better results.

Our team consists of electronics engineers, IT specialists, physiologists, coaches, analysts and former athletes who perfectly understand the importance of professional training in team sports, based on reliable knowledge and scientific research.

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Working on the grassroots

Over the decade, GPS monitoring has become the primary tool for measuring training load. The development of technology means that systems intended for professional teams are becoming more and more accurate, more advanced and expanded in terms of functionality and number of parameters. However, in youth teams, lower leagues and niche sports limited budgets mean that clubs are looking for solutions tailored to their needs and capabilities. Our technology meets them.

Charging case with gps trackers on the pitch
Coach monitoring his players with the help of Sonda Sports system

Dedicated to the core

Our core project is a truly wireless and cloud-based GPS Tracking System. The use of modern technologies, customized solutions and a flexible approach make our offer tailored to the needs of professional teams and football academies, as well as clubs from lower league games and other outdoor team sports.

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