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American Football

American football is considered one of the most traumatic sports in which strength must go hand in hand with speed, endurance and excellent physical preparation. A huge number of sprints, tackling and running mean that players perform a wide variety of work on the pitch. The Sonda Sports system allows you to measure it, analyze it and draw simple conclusions that will help increase your performance, adjust training load and reduce the risk of injury.

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Measure what matters

Performance monitoring

Our devices (GPS vests, sports trackers and heart rate monitors) allow you to precisely measure the most important physical parameters, such as total distance, heart rate and speed thresholds, sprints, metabolic power or Player Load.

Professional analysis

Use the computing power of the cloud and analyze key data on a professional analytical platform. Track 100+ metrics and 30 key stats, compare players, manage your team and plan training sessions.

Safety and comfort

You don't need to install any software to use our system. You log in to the application via our website and gain constant access to data thanks to the internet cloud. All you need is a laptop or any mobile device and WiFi.

American football players training with Sonda Sports system

Key performance parameters in American Football

The Sonda Sports system allows you to analyze over 100 metrics and 30 important physical parameters. Among the dozens of variables, it contains the key factors for American football: distance covered per minute, distance covered at high intensity, sprints, accelerations and decelerations, metabolic power, repeated high-intensity effort and Player Load.

The sum of the root mean square of changes in acceleration and deceleration per second

Player Load

High Metabolic Load Distance

High Metabolic Load Distance

Average heart rate

Heart Rate Thresholds

The energy that was used to perform the recorded effort

Metabolic Power

Repeated High Intensity Effort

Repeated High Intenisty Efforts

The distance covered at speeds over 70% of individual maximum speed

High Intensity Distance

Metabolic Power

MP is a measure of the total amount of energy per unit time required to regenerate the ATP used to perform work. The energy of accelerating is higher than that of running at a constant speed, as the player must also use energy to increase his kinetic energy.

Heart Rate Threshold

Heart rate zones allow you to control how intense a training or match was. The coach can check how long the player has been in his or her aerobic or anaerobic zone and what heart rate value has been reached during the certain activity.

High Metabolic Load Distance

Distance covered with metabolic power above 20Wkg-1. It is a better measure to represent total high intensity activity as it includes both high speed running and acceleration activities.

American football coach

How does Sonda Sports help Panthers Wrocław?

In American Football there is a difference in the performance of offensive and defensive players which means they should work on different elements in motor training. Thanks to GPS vests and trackers we can monitor important physical parameters.

“Due to the specificity of our sport, we focus on 4 values: Max Speed, Player Load, Total Distance and Sprint Distance. We mainly look at Player Load to see how loaded a given player is. We focus especially on offensive positions, so that the training and match load is optimal for the player's participation in the game plan” says Jakub Samel, the head coach of Panthers Wroclaw. “The results we obtain with the Sonda Sports system confirm the difference between training and match pace. Thanks to the collected data, we know how to modify training sessions so we can recreate the match conditions in its best way. We can also check whether a given player was properly loaded during the session and divide the number of repetitions among athletes”.

The analysis of these data helps to plan microcycles, evaluate the effectiveness of training plans, draw conclusions, eliminate errors and choose the optimal load. GPS also helps shape individual motor traits for a given position, track current physical condition of the players, manage fatigue and avoid overload, which is the most common cause of soft tissue injuries.

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