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OKS Hutnik Szczecin

Emilian Łasiński
Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hutnik Szczecin

Polish football club currently playing in IV league is the third oldest club in Szczecin. Thanks to the initiative of strength and conditioning coach Emilian Łasiński, the club has been monitoring its players using the Sonda Sports GPS system since the beginning of 2021. 

Among all the parameters provided by the system, the coach indicates a few key ones. “I pay attention to the total distance, sprint distance, number of accelerations and decelerations, loads, HID and VHID. These parameters show how the player’s body reacts to the current loads,” says Emilian. “Players want to know how many kilometers they have run during training or a match, and the coaching staff has enough material to work on the development of a given player, and thus the team.”


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