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Crest of Juvenia

Juvenia Kraków

Coach of Juvenia Kraków

Łukasz Kościelniak
head coach of Juvenia Kraków

Founded in 1973, the sports club has a rugby section for men and women. From October 2020, both teams monitor the performance and training load of players using the Sonda Sports system.

“The players have different specifics and requirements. We monitor each of them in terms of the possibilities of the statistics this system provides. As a head coach, I pay attention to the distance, speed, number of sprints, accelerations, decelerations and the overall productivity during training sessions” says Łukasz Kościelniak, head coach of Juvenia Kraków. “In terms of the match, it is nice that we can check in which sector of the pitch and where the player was moving or what his parameters were like”.


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