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Manchester City scout

Jakub Bokiej
founder of the PFA

Polish Football Academy which is based in Leeds, England, deals with development of young talents. About 100 young players of all ages improve their skills here. One of their main assumptions is to promote them to professional clubs and help in choosing the best career path. 

“I would like to measure the academy’s success by the numbers of players who play football professionally, not by the number of cups in the club showcase” says Jakub Bokiej, founder of the PFA and Manchester City’s youngest scout who uses the Sonda Sports system to assess the physical potential of players from 2020. “Thanks to GPS monitoring, we are able to check not only the reaction to individual exercises, but also the ability to regenerate and dozens of statistics that cannot be seen with the naked eye” explains Bokiej. “On this basis, we can determine the running and endurance potential of each athlete and prepare an individual development plan for him.”


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