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The most innovative tracking system create to help players and coaches improve their skills and capabilities.

Sonda Sports is a European company based in Wroclaw which creates systems for monitoring and analysing the performance of athletes. Our primary task is the development and implementation of new technologies, and we will make them available to athletes all around the world.

Where did we get our idea from?
Anyone who is working on a project and establishes a company is asked sooner or later: “How did you come up with that idea?”
We don't have an answer to that question. It's why do we do it that's important!
We believe that sport is a vital part of many people's lives.
We are also aware that results and statistics in sports are of great importance.
Because we knew first-hand how devastating injuries can be to players' careers, and how many of these careers ended or were interrupted, we wanted to help in this matter, and now we have the means to do it.
If you haven't ever experienced an injury yourself, you surely know someone from your family, friends, idols, who has had to give up a sport because of it.
We deal with statistics in sports and we believe we can help both children early in their careers as well as professionals to minimise risks.

Do we work at a university and conduct research?
No. We cooperate with universities and take advantage of the best research in the world.
Various approaches, thousands of tested players, different practices and results that give the best solutions.
Access to the latest information offers great opportunities for achieving precision as professionals from various disciplines are the best source of knowledge. Their vast experience gives us the assurance that our results are extremely accurate.
Such a tool cannot be created on the basis of one or a few studies. This subject is too extensive and varied.
The truth is that it is not possible to create a system based solely on your own research and experience. The knowledge and experience of many sources are absolutely essential, and their proper application is a key factor.

How are we supported?
Our partners are primarily investors who provide assistance and know exactly why what we do is important.
The project brings together dedicated electronic engineers and programmers. Many people at different stages have added value to the project. The list of contributors includes scientists, coaches, and athletes themselves.

Our primary task is the development and implementation of new technologies, and we will make them available to athletes all around the world.
The future is wide open for us.

Wojciech Ganczarski, CEO

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