How the application works

All the features and stats described below can be viewed in our mobile (Android, iOS) and web application.

Player management

Coaches have an overview of all the players in their team. You can see their names, numbers, positions, and assigned trackers. It is possible to modify players' information and physiological parameters: their maximum and rest heart rate, as well as their aerobic and anaerobic threshold. If you do not know these parameters, they will be calculated automatically.

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In order to create a team as a coach, you just need to provide a name and optionally a profile picture. You can add players in four ways: create a new player's profile, search for an existing player, add a player from another one of your teams, or add yourself as a player. Apart from players, you can also invite other coaches to your team.

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In the calendar, you can view the recorded training sessions and matches. The Match is a reference for further analysis, assuming that players use 100% of their capabilities during games. In the case of more activities during the day, the list will roll out. To view an activity's details, simply click on it.

Training course

This section allows you to see what your speed and heart rate were in every moment of the training/match.

Speed and HR distribution

Check the distribution of your speed and heart rate above different thresholds (maximum heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds) which can be set in your profile settings. The maximum speed is the highest speed reached during the season. Thresholds are as follows: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% of maximum speed.

Basic summary

In the basic training summary, you can view: training duration; total distance covered; average and maximum speed during the session; average, minimum, and maximum heart rate during the session.


Heat maps are used to identify the frequency of events in a particular area. They allow you to check in which parts of the field a player was most active.

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Charts enable you to check basic stats such as total distance, duration, average heart rate, and speed.

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In the charts you can also check your workload and fitness statistics.

Workload Stats

You can find the following parameters in the Workload Stats:

  • Training Impulse (TRIMP) - Internal training load which is calculated based on rest HR, maximum HR, exercise HR, and exercise duration
  • Player Load (PL) - The sum of the root mean square of changes in acceleration and deceleration per second
  • High Intensity Distance (HID) - Distance covered at > 70% of individual top speed
  • Very High Intensity Distance (VHID) - Distance covered at > 85% of individual top speed
  • High Metabolic Load Distance (HMLD) - Distance covered at Metabolic Power > 20 Watt / kg of body mass
  • Metabolic Power (MP) - Metabolic Power per 1 kg of body mass
  • RZ - Sum of time running at > 85% of individual HR max
  • Accelerations & Decelerations - Root mean square of changes in acceleration and deceleration
  • Repeated High Intensity Efforts (RHIE) - Three or more efforts at MP > 70% of individual top power separated by less than 21 seconds of rest between effort

Fitness Stats

In the Fitness Stats, you can view the following parameters and ratios:

  • Internal efficiency(Training Impulse / Player Load) - Taken into account for injury risk calculations
  • External Efficiency(Player Load / Total Distance) - Taken into account for injury risk calculations
  • Training Impulse / Total Distance & Training Impulse / High Intensity Distance
  • Speed at LT (Lactate Threshold) & & Speed at AT (Anaerobic Threshold)
  • Speed / Heart Rate

Injury Risk

Sonda Sports is a simple and user-friendly system helping to protect against injury.

We calculate the risk of injury in two ways, based on: Internal External Efficiency and Volume (how much work have I done?) Intensity (how hard did I work?).

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Mobile Application

The Sonda Sports Mobile Application is dedicated for mobile devices with the following operating systems: Android 4.4 or higher iOS 8.0 or higher.

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