Your best decisions with knowledge about every player.

You conduct training according to your plan, and react when you need to.


The whole team

One glance is enough to know the results and commitment of each player. The details and results of your actions are provided in a short message. Every player is assessed individually, and the whole team is connected by one system. Optimised training and appropriate regeneration are the key to the success of any team.


Simple operation

Sonda shows the results of your work, without the need for long analyses, summaries or calculating numerous parameters. We will do everything to show only the most important information: the athletes’ performance and their possible risk of injury. We respect your time - the results are what matters the most.


Visible results

Working with Sonda brings new quality and effects. Good decisions translate into visible results.
Starting from today, your instructions will be based on instant, systemic analyses of a large amount of data. Without an additional team of analysts, without wasted time and tedious calculations. You will help your players faster and give the team a sense of security.

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