1. How long does it last the batteries and how many times can it be recharged?
Our trackers are equipped with lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries and you can train 6 hours without charging them. Batteries can be charged 500 times, it gives 3000 hours of training so when you train 2 hours everyday during a year, you can train more than 4 years with our tracker.

2. What are the warranty terms?
We give 2 years warranty for our trackers and 1 year warranty for heart rate monitors.

3. Is there an annual license fee? How much?
The tracker is your possession. You only pay for using our software, the pricing can be found here https://sondasports.com/en/pricing.html.

4. How many different teams can we inscribe in the software?
Coaches can create how many teams they want but there is a limited number of players in each team (limit depends on your subscription).

5. Info can be seen in real time? If yes, how far can a player be of the receiving station?
Yes, all the statistics and information can be monitored in the real time. Players just need to be in a range of a Wi-Fi connection. The system has also a second ISM radio with high-performance connection for uninterrupted real-time results (ISM is an additional expense), the radio has 500 m range on the open field.

6. How many players can be monitored simultaneously?
Using outdoor tracker you can monitor unlimited number of players. Using indoor tracker you can monitor up to 15 players at the same moment.

7. What material is the Sonda Sports Sportswear made from?

Women's Sports Bra: 60% Polyester, 29% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Men's Sports Vest: 68% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 7% Elastane

Sleeveless Shirt: 68% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 7% Elastane

8. How big is the Sonda Sports Tracker?

Sonda Sports Tracker weights 35 g.

9. How big is the Sonda Sports Case?

Sonda Sports Case weights 2.1 kg.

10. What is the technical specification of the Sonda Sports Tracker?

The Sonda Sports Tracker’s specification can be found here:

Tracker specification

11. What is the technical specification of the Sonda Sports Case?

The Sonda Sports Case’s specification can be found here: