GPS tracking system for team sports.

Measure your progress and improve. Reduce the risk of injury and train like a pro!

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The simplest way to track progress during workouts.
Sonda precisely records each physical effort, its intensity and the body's reaction. The results are then displayed in the application in the form of 26 statistics.
Just keep it with you during your training sessions and matches to obtain clear and easy to read results.
Sonda knows exactly how you train, when you are prone to injuries and how you are progressing.
Everything happens without any additional effort.
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For teams, single athletes and kids.

✔️ Enhance your team’s development by making decisions based on reliable data.
✔️ Reduce the risk of injuries thanks to accurate information - both LIVE and using historical analysis.
✔️ Provide your players with valuable feedback and keep them motivated.
✔️ This exceptional system will give you the edge over your competitors in many different ways.
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Technology designed for the best athletes. Available for everybody for the first time!

Careers start in small amateur teams, and perseverance leads to professionalism.
Sonda Sports will be with you when the story begins and when you achieve success.
We provide professional teams and amateurs the best tool for tracking activity, as well as monitoring performance and form.
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The Team

It is coaches like you who lead to victory

Sonda is effective thanks to the best coaches, who are experienced professionals or dedicated amateurs.
Our partners in small towns and big cities lead sports teams, coach present and future sports heroes, look for the best training solutions and want to ensure the safety of athletes.
That is why so many coaches worldwide trust our results and use the Sonda Sports system.

Safety for parents

Children are the most important

Does your child train at a sports academy? We will show his progress and inform you about any possible risks.
The health and safety of a young player are important both for you and his team.
We provide you with a monitoring system which allows you to have a huge impact on your child’s development.
In addition, it provides a greater sense of safety, even before the entire team has started using the system.
How we ensure safety   →

The system primarily provides the ability to monitor players and their fitness. The results are displayed in a simple form - on the website or inside a smartphone app. Thanks to the information from the Sonda Sports system, I can prepare my players to perform better on the pitch.

Jacek Piegza,

Head Fitness Coach in KGHM Zaglebie's Football Academy

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