Safe training sessions for children are the best future for athletes.

In sports everybody is important.


Monitoring of training

We believe that both the parent and the coach can determine when children are ready to play. Thanks to the recorded training data and information about the risk of injuries, the safety of your child's sports development increases. Positive information from training sessions gives a lot of satisfaction.


Awareness of progress

How do workouts translate into results and progress in the development of young athletes? Are the training techniques really effective? Awareness of the child's preparation, his progress or lack thereof is valuable knowledge on the path to a sports career and the proper development of a young player.


Athletes and parents

Everyone is important. Good choices must have a solid foundation. Decisions of young athletes and their parents will always have a significant influence on their future. Conscious choices are made based on complete and reliable information. The history of a young player is the best investment for his life.

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