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 Allows to monitor basic parametersEnsures greater safety for athletesUniversal package for small teamsIdeal plan for small and medium-sized teamsPackage tailored to the needs of large teamsFor the most demanding. The system is adapted to individual customer requirements
Monthly price€0.00
per athlete
per athlete
per team
per team
per team
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Data and access
Number of players111-78-1516-30Unlimited
Web appAthleteAthleteCoach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²
Mobile app (iOS, Android)AthleteAthleteCoach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²Coach/Athlete²
Offline mode
Online real-time mode
(Wi-Fi / ISM¹)
Unlimited number of training sessions
Training history
Tracking progress (basic)
Workload, fitness
Monitoring the risk of injury
Individual player parameters
Management of multiple teams
Management of player data
Individual access for each coach
Export to file (gpx)
API for accessing data¹
Export to running apps¹
Help desk9am - 5pm GMT
(answer within 72h)
9am - 5pm GMT
(answer within 24h)
9am - 5pm GMT
(answer within 24h)
9am - 5pm GMT
(answer within 24h)
9am - 5pm GMT
(answer within 24h)
(answer within 6h)
On-site technical support
at the customer's location
3 days of implementation
System customized
to meet individual needs
Free software and firmware updates
Server infrastructure
Cloud computingMulti-tenantMulti-tenantMulti-tenantMulti-tenantMulti-tenantPrivate, isolated
Support for devices
Support for multiple devices
(indoor, outdoor)
Bluetooth LE HRM support

¹ Available in the next versions
² Free Premium plan for each player

All collected data is the property of each player / team