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90% of all injuries are soft tissue injuries

injury risk chart

It is true that technology cannot prevent all injuries in sports.
Sonda Sports facilitates predicting soft tissue injuries, which make up 90% of all injuries. Implementing strategies for injury prevention brings significant benefits for athletes' health and performance, as well as for team budgets.
We help collect and understand data, and the use of this athlete analysis system of the future not only protect them individually, but also gives benefits to teams, leagues and fans.

The Sonda Sports system was developed in cooperation with and thanks to the research of universities from around the world. Studies in specific sports disciplines were used, as well as various methodological approaches, which in many countries involved thousands of studied players.
They confirmed the advantage of monitoring athletes for protection against injuries, efficient planning of their development and match readiness.

Below is a list of several key studies on the relationship between training load and the risk of injury from the hundreds that were conducted and taken into consideration when creating the Sonda Sports system: