How the Sonda Sports system works



The Sonda Sports tracker uses GPS/GLONASS or LPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to track your every step, recording the location, speed and distance.
It lets you monitor your physical fitness by providing both basic information and advanced analysis.

Heart rate monitor


The Sonda Sports tracker is equipped with Bluetooth LE (4.1) which enables connection to a heart rate monitor.
You need to pair your HRM during configuration.
When the monitor detects your pulse, it is immediately recognised and recorded by the tracker.



The outdoor tracker is equipped not only with GPS, but also the GLONASS positioning system, which doubles the amount of available satellites.
This significantly increases the accuracy. The tracker receives location information 10 times per second.

Local Positioning System


The indoor tracker is equipped with the local positioning system (LPS).
It was designed in collaboration with engineers specialising in creating unrivalled positioning and real-time communication within buildings with an accuracy of 10 cm.
The whole system consists of 4 lightweight, portable wireless stations that can be quickly set up on a tripod or mounted permanently.
The LPS system can also be used outdoors.



Sonda Sports is a truly wireless tracking system. The tracker communicates with the router via Wi-Fi connection without any wires.
The data is automatically sent to the cloud, where is calculated and analysed. You can view real-time results by means of our web or mobile application.
The ISM radio with a high-performance connection ensures uninterrupted real-time results and is extremely resistant to interferences.

Offline mode


If you are not in range of Wi-Fi or ISM connection, data will be collected and stored on the tracker's internal memory (up to 18 hours of offline operation) and uploaded to the cloud when you are in range again.



All the calculations and analysis are made in the cloud using algorithms based on the latest scientific research. We transform complicated data to provide clear and easy to interpret graphs and statistics.
We give you a simple answer to important questions about the training load, the expected training results, and the risk of injury.



To keep your data safe, we use world's safest cloud, Amazon Web Services.
All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. AWS provides several security capabilities and services increasing privacy and controlling network access, including network and web application firewalls, and encryption in transit with TLS.
We also use cryptographic protocol for secure communication between the tracker, the cloud, and the application. This means that your data is completely safe on the way to and from the cloud.

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