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Field Hockey

Field hockey requires players to be extremely agile and fast. They run a lot, change directions, accelerate and decelerate often, do a wide variety of work on the pitch. The Sonda Sports system will allow you to measure it, draw the right conclusions and optimally prepare your team.

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Measure what matters

Performance monitoring

Our devices (GPS vests, sports trackers and heart rate monitors) allow you to precisely measure the most important physical parameters, such as total distance, heart rate and speed thresholds, sprints, metabolic power or Player Load.

Professional analysis

Use the computing power of the cloud and analyze key data on a professional analytical platform. Track 100+ metrics and 30 key stats, compare players, manage your team and plan training sessions.

Safety and comfort

You don't need to install any software to use our system. You log in to the application via our website and gain constant access to data thanks to the internet cloud. All you need is a laptop or any mobile device and WiFi.

Putting gps tracker in sports vest before training

Key performance parameters in field hockey

The Sonda Sports system allows you to monitor such important parameters in rugby as distance covered, heart rate and speed thresholds, sprints, accelerations and decelerations, Player Load, maximum speed and many others. Thanks to the analysis of these data, you will be able to determine the potential and physical abilities of players, shape their motor features, plan training microcycles, choose the optimal loads and track their current condition. Players comparison and team statistics will help you to compile your squad, manage fatigue and reduce the risk of injuries resulting from overtraining or undertraining.

Acceleration + Deceleration

Acceleration and Deceleration

The sum of the root mean square of changes in acceleration and deceleration per second

Player Load

Player Load per minute

Player Load / min

Player load / total distance

External Efficiency & Internal Efficiency

Average speed

Speed zones

Duration of activity at over 85% of a player's individual maximum heart rate

Red Zones

Player Load / min

Player Load / min is an excellent indicator of performance. When observing players over time, variations in this parameter reflect changes in motion performance or in session intensity of different exercises.

Red Zones

The accumulated time the athlete has trained with heart rate above 85% of his maximum heart rate. Anaerobic training is also called developmental training, because it allows you to shift the intensity threshold at which anaerobic energy changes begin to dominate in the athlete.

Acceleration and Deceleration

System counts the number of accelerations and decelerations performed by a given player during training or a match. Qualities ​​above are registered 3 m/s2 and below -3 m/s2

Introducing Sonda Sports system to field hockey players

GPS vests and trackers for players

Field hockey requires good physical condition, speed and dynamics. Monitoring of performance and training load with the Sonda Sports System allows you to prepare players better, set the thresholds of aerobic and anaerobic transformations and indicate training intensity zones.

Thanks to GPS trackers and vests, we can track the most important physical parameters. The analysis of these data helps coaches plan microcycles, evaluate the effectiveness of training plans, draw conclusions, eliminate errors and choose optimal loads.

The use of the GPS system also helps in profiling players, training individualizing, adjusting loads and shaping motor skills in a given position. Regular monitoring of players allows you to track their current physical condition, manage fatigue and avoid overload, which is the most common cause of soft tissue injuries.

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