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Professional GPS tracking system and advanced analytics tools to optimise training load for team sports.

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Every coach needs fast, strong and properly prepared players for the season. Our professional system allows you to optimize training load, improve fitness and player performance. Based on reliable data and modern analytical tools.

  • Comprehensive team management solutions
  • Advanced performance analytics
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Wireless data transmitting
GPS tracker and its role




Performance stats


Key functionalities

Only in Sonda Pro

Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio table

Acute to chronic workload ratio for the team

Analyze your chronic and present training load. Thanks to individual and team ACWR monitoring, adjust training loads, control performance, fatigue and the risk of injury.

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Only in Sonda Pro

Team view in the application

Edit sections

Detailed editing of the training session allows you to take care of the smallest details. It gives the possibility of analyzing even a few seconds of training or a match, dividing it into the sections, marking key fragments or cutting out unnecessary ones.

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Only in Sonda Pro

The history of team's speed zones in the application

Speed thresholds for teams

Adjust the speed zones to the potential and age of your players. Thanks to the "team speed zones" and "indivdual speed zones" options, the coach has the opportunity to analyze the player's performance in terms of the team and individual.

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  • Team Analyze Dashboard
  • Injury Risk Detections Team (ACWR)
  • Injury Risk Detections Player (ACWR)
  • Group Charts Reports
  • Create Own Reports
  • Comparison Players
  • Match reports
  • Data export to .pdf file
  • Velocity Team Zones
  • Velocity Player Zones
  • LiveView monitoring
  • Heat Map
  • Creating Sections
  • Total Distance
  • Total Duration
  • Velocity
  • Average Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Player Load
  • Metabolic Power
  • Reapeted Intensity Efforts
  • High Intensity Distance
  • Very High Intensity Distance
  • High Metabolic Load Distance
  • Total Acc
  • Total Dec
  • HID / TD
  • Sprints
  • Sprints by distance
  • Player Load / Min
  • Total Distance / Min
  • Internal Efficiency
  • External Efficiency
  • Training Impulse/HID
  • Team Average Values
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Minimum Heart Rate
  • Maximum Hear Rate
  • Training Impulse
  • Speed at Aeorobic Threshold
  • Speed at Anaerobic Threshold
  • Red Zones
  • Heart Rate Thresholds

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The cost of subscription depends on the number of players and other factors.

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Customized and scalable solutions

Our consultants will tailor an affordable offer to your needs.

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Lump sum or monthly plan

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