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Elevate your training to the next level

  • Analyze the progress

  • Pick top talents

  • Discover players potential

  • Achieve your goals

Be better coach...
coach greater players

  • Adjust training load to player's individual capabilities
  • Make conclusions based on reliable data
  • Build strategies on facts, not assumptions
  • Achieve consistent results that lead to victories

React in real time

Live View Monitoring

  • Distance covered
  • Speed thresholds
  • Heart rate thresholds
  • Number of sprints
  • Heat maps
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Develop your players

Performance monitoring

  • Player comparison
  • Player & Team stats
  • Progress monitoring
  • Training load management
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Acute to chronic workload ratio

Fatigue and workload monitoring

  • Training intensity
  • Internal & External load
  • Injury Risk & Prevention
  • Acute to chronic
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Adjust loads to avoid injury


Within the last few years average high intensity distance covered in football matches increased by 30%.


Half of reported football injuries come from overuse, not traumatic injury.


of all injuries are soft tissue injuries resulting from overtraining or under-training.

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